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The Men’s Summer Style System, Part 1

In a previous post, I presented a list of 30 summer style principles upon which to build a men’s “summer style system” designed to help you understand and select options for dressing well.

The next few posts will detail that system.  It is based on a graded scale from low to high casual and summer formal.

We’ll start with “Summer Low Casual.”


– Shirt: T-shirt untucked
– Shorts:
— Elastic waisted or drawstring sport shorts
— Cargo shorts
– Shoes:
— Flip flops
— Sandals
— Basketball shoes
— Running shoes
– Belt: No belt

Recommendation: If you want to have any kind of style, avoid this look like the plague.


– Shirt:
— Better quality collarless shirt, tucked
— Camp or Hawaiian style shirt, untucked
– Shorts: Better quality shorts (without cargo pockets)
– Shoes:
— Espadrilles without socks
— Boat shoes without socks
— Sport casual running shoes with low cut socks or no socks
– Belt: Matching with color of shorts or shoes

Recommendation: This is a step up in style but still far too casual unless you’re at the beach.


– Shirt:
— Short sleeve polo shirt, tucked
— Short sleeve linen, tucked or untucked
— Short sleeve cotton shirt, tucked
— Short sleeve silk shirt, tucked or untucked
– Shorts: Better quality shorts (without cargo pockets)
– Shoes:
— Boat shoes without socks
— Drivers without socks
— Loafers without socks
– Belt: Matching with shoes

Recommendation:  If you’re looking for a low casual uniform, this is it.  Looks great any place where shorts are acceptable.


– Jacket
— Blazer or sport coat
– Shirt:
— Long sleeve cotton shirt
— Long sleeve linen shirt
Shorts: Better quality shorts (without cargo pockets)
– Shoes:
— Loafers without socks
– Tie: optional, but if worn, go with a Repp
– Belt: Matching with shoes
– Accessories:  Pocket square

Recommendation:  This is a decidedly preppy look that you don’t see very much in the “real world.”  You might spot it at a summer fraternity social, in the Hamptons, or in an upscale shopping mall.  You also don’t see many adult men wearing this except maybe in Bermuda.  But wearing a blazer with shorts and loafers is about as formal as you can make shorts be.  Nonetheless, wear sparingly, if at all.  The look will come off as affected, especially on an older man.  Go for a HIGH CASUAL 1.0 or 2.0 instead.  You’ll not only look better, you’ll look more adult.

Next up is the SUMMER MEDIUM CASUAL part of the system.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about the men’s summer style system.

By Joe Scherrer | Tailored and Styled Writer


Article publié pour la première fois le 29/05/2013

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