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Op-Ed: The Sad State of Men’s Style Blogs

On any given day, I follow around 30 men’s style blogs and peruse a handful of forums.  What I am looking for are examples of the informative, the substantial, and the original on classic style.

I have to tell you, my success rate in finding those examples is maybe 1 in 1000.


Very little is actually useful and applicable to someone who is interested in actually improving the way he presents himself.

So that’s where my approach to men’s style blogging differs from the vast sea of blogs that rant, trivialize, and live on the surface of style.

I value the tradition of classic dressing.  Toward this end, I strive to reintroduce the Golden Age of men’s classic style to both rising and established professionals and those who simply want to dress better.

The photo of the Ralph Lauren Purple Label brown peaked lapel Tuxedo is representative of that Golden Age.  It is a smashing look that makes a decisively elegant statement.  Brown Tuxedos as well as pine, garnet, and midnight were seen quite regularly in past decades, but are rarely seen today.  I argue that such an approach to style is just applicable today as it was during the Golden Age, and you don’t have to be a slave to fashion to do it.

Tailored and Styled Blog Post 18 Jun 13--Ralph Lauren Purple Label Brown Tux

So with the Tailored and Styled blog, I work to combine original writing with curated content to give you something substantial to grab onto and learn from.  You won’t find runway shots, “look of the day” photos, pithy posts, or fashion-tinged content, but you will find good examples of classic dressers, in-depth articles on classic style, and content with supporting photos that stand the test of time.

I realize that this philosophy may limit my readership, but that doesn’t bother me.  I want readers who value the classic, the traditional, the dignified, the professionally practical, and the style enhancing.

I know there are millions of you out there.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be conducting some polls and asking what you want to receive from the blog.

My goal is to elevate the site to such a level that whatever value you might be receiving now is increased many fold.

What I said in my very first post, “The Search for Style” still holds true:

“It’s easy to lament the state of men’s style in America these days.  The steady progression toward the casual in dress, the endless fashion cycle, and mounds of low quality—and low cost–clothing have definitely lowered the bar when it comes to men’s dress.  On the other hand, the thing about classic men’s style is that it’s just that: classic.  Dressing in a fundamentally classic way means that you will tap into timeless principles that will inevitably make you look better, present more confidently, and create a positive image in the eyes of those you meet.”

Ultimately, that’s what Tailored and Styled is all about.

By Joe Scherrer | Tailored and Styled Writer

Article publié pour la première fois le 19/06/2013

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