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Friday Style Icon: London Lounge’s Michael Alden | Tailored and Styled

Today’s Friday Style Icon is Michael Alden, senior administrator of the member’s only London Lounge discussion board.

Tailored and Styled Blog Post 13 Jun 13--Michael Alden I

Michael is an American actor, entrepreneur, and classic style aficionado who lives in Europe.  His approach to style is summed up in one word: elegance.  For him, elegance has very little to do with one’s clothes and a lot to do with the way you wear them and how you carry yourself.

His approach to dressing is much the same as we advocate here at Tailored and Styled: clothes are only a reflection of who you are and they are the frame of the picture that is you.

Michael’s sartorial roots run deep.  He grew up in Beverly Hills in the fifties and was a fan of movies from the thirties and the forties.  He admired actors such as Cary Grant or Fred Astaire and from time to time encountered the Hollywood elite around town.  These experience had a strong influence on him.

Michael has made it a personal mission to resurrect the classic fabrics of the Golden Era of the 1920’s and 1930’s and to replicate the iconic cloths worn by earlier style icons such as Agnelli, Eden, Cooper, and Marvin.

Toward this end he has established ongoing relationships with a number of British fabric mills such as Lovat in Scotland and Fox in England.  Through the London Lounge cloth club, like-minded gentlemen come together to commission one-of-a-kind fabric runs.  Michael also designed a line London Lounge linen fabrics and a book of flannels manufactured by Fox.  These fabrics are made in classic weights, weaves, and colors and are a cut above what passes for quality cloth these days.

Naturally Michael is a snappy dresser with a style that is decidedly British.  I’d say he is partial to tweeds and country fabrics in general.

Tailored and Styled Blog Post 13 Jun 13--Michael Alden V

But as one who is a financier, you can be sure he turns out well in classic business attire as well.

Tailored and Styled Blog Post 13 Jun 13--Michael Alden III

Especially noteworthy in my view are Michael’s choices in overcoats.  Check out these examples below.

Tailored and Styled Blog Post 13 Jun 13--Michael Alden Overcoat II

And this iconic Paletot with its turned down lapel notches.

Tailored and Styled Blog Post 13 Jun 13--Michael Alden Overcoat

Michael knows the “rules” for dressing, but believes that everyone needs to find the style that words for them, check out this “No Brown in Town” video to get a better idea of where he’s coming from.

For my part, I’m very appreciative of his efforts to bring back the classic fabrics of the Golden Age of men’s style.  I can personally attest that the cloth club fabrics are first rate.

Michael’s work to keep alive standards of sartorial quality and excellence is a true achievement, and I applaud him for it.

London Lounge’s Michael Alden.  The Friday Style Icon.

By Joe Scherrer | Tailored and Styled Writer






Article publié pour la première fois le 15/06/2013

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